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Raise Your Voice to Support #SchoolChoice

Join Us in the Call to Expand #SchoolChoice!

Sign this petition and let your elected officials know that when parents choose, students win!

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Florida families understand that when parents choose, students win. Now is the time to protect and strengthen school choice opportunities so that every child in Florida, regardless of financial resources or neighborhood, has access to a quality education.

2015 is critical to our efforts. We call on our elected officials to take action on school choice options that:

  • Provide parents greater choice on where their children go to school, both in the private and public school system;
  • Expand scholarship programs and course access to more students; and
  • Encourage more high performing charter schools.

We, the undersigned, support more school choice in Florida because it benefits our students, our families, and hard-working educators. We agree that choice only improves our ability to succeed. When parents choose, students win.